Interested in AI? Want to learn how to build product? Keen to make the world a better place? (And don’t want to spend time in early stage B2B SaaS?)

Come work with us at Unusual Circumstances this summer - we’re building the next Reddit (but less toxic, and more deep tech 👀)

We’ve raised $1M+ from some of the most prolific angels, and you will work alongside my cofounders - ex- Snapchat engineering leads + SVP Eng at Uniswap - and me (GSB ’22 and second time founder)

If you are curious about the future of consumer social, and want to see what a product launch looks like - we have so much that you can do - product, GTM,  fine tuning LLMs, managing a team of LA screenwriters… We’re hiring superstars for the summer across product, business, data science and marketing (both for MBA and college)

Reach out to me at [email protected] for more details

PS - If you are interested in a part time role during the school year, we are also open to that!

Excited to build together,

Nandini Mullaji

Co-founder, Unusual Circumstances